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RandiA motivated business and creative professional with 9+ years in all areas of design, internet creative and development. I have an instinctual adaptability to design, code, and manage projects while understanding every project is a unique opportunity. My reputation is known for meeting deadlines, maintaining thorough and meticulous results while working well under pressure and having a self-motivating work ethic.

My website and portfolio showcases just a few designs and messages I’ve created so far in my career. As a designer I’ve had the exciting opportunity to work at several roles in a wide array of industries. My specializations include marketing & advertising, E-commerce, and digital creative asset management. I have proven to be responsible for creating artwork that translates to print, television, web, mobile and other multimedia platforms through various publications and advertisements, signage, brochures and newsletters, corporate identity and branding, animation, typography, code, and other materials.

My passion is creating visually stunning, simple yet effective designs that impress and deliver results – be it communicating corporate cultural ideals, improving marketing messages, building business strategies, or designing consumer advertising.

My short term goal is to continue to enhance my skills as a design professional at a company where creativity and innovation are encouraged. Over the longer term my goal is to become a Lead Creative in a team of design professionals.